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The localisation of our various companies in the country makes them ideally placed for domestic or intra-Community trade.

Our vehicles are equipped so as to respond to any request:

Our fleet of live poultry specialised vehicles is accredited and constantly renewed.

Our drivers are trained in the transport of live animals, in organic safety and are holders of the CAPTAV diploma concerning animal welfare.

Regulation of the Transport of Live Animals

Qualification of drivers. Since 1st January 2002, any conveyor of live animals must be qualified. Conveyors must hold, in the context of transport subject to authorisation, the Certificat d'Aptitude Professionnelle pour le Transport d'Animaux Vivants or CAPTAV.

Authorisation of the Transporter. The transportation company in charge of the transport of animals must be authorised for the transport of live animals. This authorisation is issued and signed by the DDPP (Direction Départementale de la Protection des Populations) of the department of the registered name of the transporter. It also specifies which species may be transported. There are two official versions of transporter authorisation:

Vehicle compliance. In addition to the authorisation of the transport company for long journeys (type 2), this certificate of approval of the means of transport is also issued and signed by the DDPP. Indeed, each vehicle used by the transportation company must also comply with certain regulatory standards (surface area, fans, drinking troughs, registration...).

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