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1978: Creation by Mr and Mrs Michel BERNIGAUD of the limited liability company DOMAINE DE RABUTIN specialised in the breeding and the trade of poultry and pigs, with as manager Mrs Michelle BERNIGAUD, and the aim of respecting the traditional values related to the nature and to the quality of local products

1987: Purchase of the first trucks to meet local demand for poultry meat, spent fowl products and festive products

1988: Following the increase in turnover, the company begins hiring and structuring in order better to serve its clients, in accordance with its original spirit

1991: Régis BERNIGAUD, Mr and Mrs BERNIGAUD's son, joins the company and adopts the core values of his parents

1992: Creation of SOCIETE TRANSPORTS BERNIGAUD (STB) in order to provide its customers with the flexibility of an outsourced collection service

1999: Transformation of the limited liability company DOMAINE DE RABUTIN into a public limited company, with Michelle BERNIGAUD as CEO

2005: Transformation of the public limited company DOMAINE DE RABUTIN into a simplified company limited by shares

2008: Régis BERNIGAUD succeeds his mother as CEO of DOMAINE DE RABUTIN

2011: Creation, in partnership with TRANSPORTS MAROLLEAU, of FRANCE POULETTES specialising in the transfer of point-of-lay and breeding pullets

2014: Creation of the regional centre in Brittany at Tremorel

2014: Increase in capital of DOMAINE DE RABUTIN

2016 : DOMAINE DE RABUTIN offers its services as a freight forwarder

2017 : DOMAINE DE RABUTIN obtains organic certification

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