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Freight Forwarder

Sending or receiving companies make use of a freight forwarder in order to free themselves from the constraints associated with the shipment of the goods (packaging, insurance, storage, preparation of transport documents, travel, etc.).

The freight forwarder is an intermediary who optimizes the organization of the routing of goods (routes and means of his choice: road, sea, air, iron) in order to carry them to their destination. He is responsible for the smooth running of the expedition from start to finish.


The trade requires commercial, technical and social skills and knowledge. It must be organized, rigorous, responsive and effective in order to guarantee the delivery requirements.

A thorough knowledge of Customs, insurance and international law is required. Practicing English is also essential for working internationally.

Finally, they must be able to respond to emergencies and control themselves under such circumstances.

Domaine de Rabutin

Domaine de Rabutin offers its services as a freight forwarder to its customers, in relation to its various external partners.

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